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Let's take a look at the Tremont IL real estate Market trends over the past six months. This report consists of properties that are located in Tremont High School District. It includes all residential properties including single family and single family attached properties but does not include lots. 

Tremont IL Real Estate - Homes for Sale

There are currently (06/01/2020) ​16 properties for sale. The average days on market is ​124​ and the median days on market is ​79 days. The average list price is​ $306,244 and the median asking price is ​$217,450​.

​Current Pendings

​There are ​5 properties that are pending, meaning that they have already accepted offers but have not yet closed. The pending ratio is ​24​% (​5 divided by ​16).

​Tremont homes that sold within the past 6 months

​There have been ​15 properties that have sold and closed within the last six months. The average original asking price was ​$194,473 and the ​​final asking price (after price reductions) was ​$188,327. The average sales price was $182,280 so the final list price to sales price ratio was ​97%. The median original asking price was ​$192,500 and the final median asking price was ​$174,500. The median sale price was $174,500 so the final median asking price to sales price ration was ​100%​.

The average days on market for sold properties was 344 days and the median days on market for sold properties was 66 days.

​Tremont homes that did not sell

​There were ​9 ​​​homes that were listed for sale that came off of the market without selling. Listings may fail to sell for many reasons such as being priced too high, having been inadequately marketed, the property was in poor condition, or perhaps the owner had second thoughts about selling at this particular time.

​Market Absorption Rate

​Analysis of the absorption rate for all properties in ​Tremont High School District indicates an inventory of ​6.4 months based on the last 6 months of sales. This estimate is often used to determine how long it would take to sell off the current inventory of properties if all conditions remained the same. It is significant to mention that this estimate does not take into consideration any additional properties that will come onto the market in the future.

Active Listings


Average Asking Price


Median Asking Price


Average Sold Price


Median Sold Price


​Tremont IL Real Estate - Supply vs Demand

​If there’s a one, two or three months’ supply of homes on the market, the demand exceeds the inventory so it’s considered a seller’s market. If there is a four or five-month supply of homes on the market, it's a balanced market. If there’s a six-month supply or more on the market, it's a buyer’s market.

​Tremont Real Estate Market Summary Table

Additional information about the ​Tremont IL Real Estate Market

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