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*Real estate taxes for the current year are prorated from January 1 through the closing date. If you don’t know your annual taxes, you can go to Type in your address. Click on Search and then click on the View button next to your address. Once on next page, change the year in top right corner to last year. Scroll down to find your total taxes. You may have to change the year to two years ago depending on time of year. Last year’s taxes will not be on website until at least May of this year.

**Real estate taxes for the previous year are estimated to be owed if the closing date is before June 1. If the closing date is between June 1 and September 1, it is assumed the first installment has been paid. If the closing date is after September 1, it is assumed both installments have been paid.

***The “Additional Fees” are an accumulation of many smaller fees that add up to somewhere between $200 - $350 depending on a few variables. These are standard closing costs and are not any additional fees our office charges.