Clients share the experience they had while working with the Rodgers Real Estate Group



I just wanted to say “Thank you” from Steve & I for a job well done! Your dedication & hard work made a dream come true for us. I was overwhelmed when you sold our home in less than a week. You made everything seem so easy. I appreciate the time you gave me. Steve & I trusted you fully & will continue to do business with you in the future.”

– Debbie Salander

Our home was listed for several months with another real estate agent.After our listing expired, we turned our home over to Scott. Our home SOLD within days of listing with Scott. His advertising was well thought out and effectively placed. There was a great response to his ads of our property. Scott was a pleasure to work with – enthusiastic, optimistic, and determined to sell. Our sale and closing went smoothly, efficiently, and was handled with professionalism. Scott was highly accessible both to us and to potential buyers to answer questions, discuss any concerns we had, or meet with us.”

– Ben & Carolyn Lance

We had our home listed with another agent for four months before wehired Scott. Scott SOLD our home in 10 days! He was professional, prompt, and efficient. He always went the extra mile and was very helpful and knowledgeable. We already referred our neighbor to him & he SOLD their home in 14 days!”

– Mike & Janel Janes

Our home had been on the market for some time – with little or no action.We decided to change Realtors. After we interviewed several agents, we

selected Scott. His enthusiasm, drive, and knowledge of the market were

our determining factors. We are very pleased with our decision and Scott’s

performance. He SOLD our home in 5 days.”

– Roland & Paula Trapp

My home had been listed with three different agents and expired each time. Scott was very persistent so I decided to give him a shot to sell my home. I still cannot believe it, but he SOLD my home in 3 days!!! I was very happy with Scott’s performance from start to finish and would recommend his services to anyone.”

– Sandy Bybee

Scott was showing our home hours after we listed with him. Our house sold in 2 days. Thanks to all of the initial work that Scott did immediately after meeting with us. He kept us informed and was very easy to contact.”

– Tyler & Donna Hesh

Scott and his team worked miracles. We listed January 2, and closed on February 1!! We were listed with another Realtor for 6 months before hiring Scott!”

– Don & Michelle Lovse

Scott made the selling of my home very stress-free. He did everything in a timely manner as well as advertised the house in every way possible. I think he was part of the reason it sold so quickly. (10 days!!!)

– Deb Fisher

Scott does not let any grass grow under his feet! He sold my family home in less than 10 days. He was able to get the best price and eliminate all the hassles & inconveniences associated with selling a home. He kept me informed at all times and was dedicated to serving me as the seller. Scott is a true professional and I would recommend his services to anyone with real estate needs.”

– Marcie Muldowney

After trying to sell our home for 5 months both on our own and with the service of 2 other Realtors, we had no luck until we called Scott. With his honest approach in pricing and aggressive service, we SOLD our home within 1 week.

– Rick & Cheri Hirschmann

After two Realtors and having my house on the market for a year, I never thought I would get it sold. Scott really put his time and energy into getting my home sold. Three months after signing the listing papers, I was signing the closing papers. I would recommend Scott Rodgers to anyone who is interested in buying or selling a home.”

– Melissa Hon

My home was listed with another Realtor for 6 months. After listing with Scott, my home SOLD within 30 days. Scott works very hard. He was pleasant, very thorough, and ambitious. Using his moving van was a very nice plus too.”

– Linda Durkin

My house was on the market for a year with another Realtor with no acceptable offers being made. I then listed with Scott Rodgers who gave me some helpful tips on preparing my house to sell. The house SOLD in 2 months! Scott was very helpful in getting an acceptable offer and completing the deal. Many thanks from me and my new family. Again, thanks so much for your help.”

– Eric Bosch

Scott sold our house within two weeks. There’s no hassle with Scott. He told us up front what a good selling price would be and he was right. He does a great job with advertising and his truck is a great idea. Scott is a truly dedicated agent that strives to meet your every need.”

– Dr. Mark Smith

I was very pleased with the amount of advertising done to sell my home and that it sold quickly. Many people came to look at the house and I received 2 offers in 2 weeks. Scott was very professional and answered any questions or concerns I had. I’m glad I chose Scott to sell the house for my dad. I will definitely use Scott in the future.”

– Bev Seabeck

Scott is very good at what he does. He will help you market your home for the best favorable outcome in the shortest amount of time. He knows what he is talking about and we are glad we listened to him. He also listens to his customers about their concerns and tries to accommodate them in the best way.

– Mike & Diane Sondag

Scott handled the sell of our home in a very professional manner. The advertising, the literature and the pictures provided to perspective buyers was very impressive. Our house sold quickly, and with Scott’s selections for our viewing, helped us find our new home in less time. If you want results, call Scott!

– Jim and Sharon Taylor

Scott puts forth that little extra with advertising that helps to get your home SOLD quickly. I never expected mine to sell in 9 days! Thanks Scott.”

– Ron Allen

Scott helped me sell my home and buy a new home. His honesty, knowledge, and personal approach are the qualities I was looking for in a real estate agent!”

– Cherie Lockhart

Scott SOLD our home in 4 days! He works hard and presents himself well – very professional and eager to please. I would recommend his services to anyone needing to sell their home.”

– Kathleen Dotson

Scott sold our house in eleven days. Then, when the buyer backed out, Scott sold our house again within 24 hours. We were very impressed with his hard work and would recommend him to anyone!”

– Angie & Chris Baker

I listed my home with Scott Rodgers and not only had several showings but SOLD in 5 days! Great work – I couldn’t ask for any better service than that!!”

– Jim Hudson

We tried to sell our home by owner and only had 1 showing in 3 months. With Scott, our home was shown more than 25 times in a month and sold within 40 days. Thanks Scott!”

– Brad & Karen Hutchinson

Scott showed how aggressive, industrious and extremely knowledgeable he is about the business by selling our house and finding a new home for us within 6 weeks. Not typically expected is that he is approachable, personable and always made himself available. We would recommend him in a heartbeat.”

– Joe & Sharon Sary

Scott Rodgers provides strategies in a changing market to maximize the homes exposure. He went above and beyond on advertising.”

– Mark & Julie DuBois

I have a relative in real estate and I have used her, but in all honesty for the best results I would contact the Rodgers Real Estate Group”

– Patricia Smith

After having my house listed with another Realtor for several months, Scott sold it in four days. 4 days! Amazing! Scott and Danya did so much to make this an easy experience. They go above and beyond for their clients.”

– Sandra Isenburg

My dad’s home was listed with another Realtor and expired. We met with Scott and he told us exactly what we needed to do to sell the house. Updating the kitchen/dining room did the trick. Thanks!”

– Jim Hasty

Scott made every effort to sell our home in a timely fashion. We were impressed with his frequent and consistent communication, and he exceeded our expectations in advertising.”

– Roger & Stephanie Alvey

Scott is very professional and carries out all of his promises. He sold our house in only 7 days and I would strongly recommend him to others!”

– Tony & Brooke Halsey

The Rodgers Real Estate Group was awesome! They made selling my house a breeze. I recommend them to anyone who may be buying or selling. Thanks for everything!”

– Jill Kirchgessner

Scott is an “up-beat” kind of Guy. Nothing is impossible to him. He can sell an igloo to an Eskimo in “Peoria”.

– Maleita King

Scott sold my Grandmas’ home in Peoria after she passed away. I was able to confidently put my trust in his team-from Los Angeles and they did everything promised! I highly recommend, very professional and committed!”

– Wendy Harris

I was very impressed how quickly Scott began to show my home once on the market. I was averaging 2 or 3 showings per week.”

– Michael VandeSchraaf

Scott’s positive attitude and strong work ethic helps build strong confidence in his clients. I would definitely use Scott Again!”

– Wes Adams

We were impressed by how smoothly everything went. We didn’t have to worry about anything.”

– Scott & Susan Mettille

Scott did a great job for us getting us a fair price & selling our home in 3 weeks. His knowledge of his business is obvious and we’d recommend him to anyone.”

– Lloyd & Patricia Robinson

Scott is a great agent. He works with you and lets you know what is happening every step of the way”.

– Phil Snowden

Scott always kept us informed on how the listing of our old house was going. We would always recommend Scott to anyone who is looking for an agent.”

– Dave & Sharon Ziebold

Scott was able to guarantee that our house would sell in 90 days. By doing this, we were able to purchase our dream house. Without Scott’s dedication and determination, we wouldn’t be in our new home!”

– Keith & Katie Burwell

Scott sold our house for 100% of the asking price in 10 hours!!!”

– Dan & Kelly Fugate

Scott’s best attribute is his aggressiveness and “get it done” attitude. I was so impressed, in fact, that I plan on listing another house with him in March 05 and will continue to use him in the future”.

– Doug Smith

We were pleased at how quick our home SOLD once we contacted Scott. He was aggressive and a very good communicator. We always felt informed about what was going on with the sale of our home”!

– Sue Rupert and Denise Romersberger

Our house had been on the market for a long time. We decided to change Realtors and chose Scott. The advertising and flyers were very well done. The professionalism Scott provided made a difference and got our house SOLD”.

– Barb Cain

Scott handled everything very professionally. All of your communications were excellent.”

– Greg & Patti Smith

If you want to buy or sell a house, we highly recommend you hire Scott.”

– Jack & Pat Bensing

The Scott Rodgers Real Estate Team is the best in the Tri-County area! They sold our home in four days, found us a beautiful new home at the right price, and handled all the other matters in a thorough, professional and timely manner. THANK YOU RODGERS REAL ESTATE GROUP!!”

– Randy Wendland & Linda Hay

I was very impressed with how organized & professional your business runs. My questions were answered quickly. Not only did we receive 2 offers within 48 hours, Scott sold our home for over full price. We also appreciate your referral to our new town!”

– WB Smith

Scott did exactly what he advertised. He priced and marketed our home within his 90 day guarantee and he secured a sale. We wish we had hired Scott in the beginning. We have recommended him, and would utilize his services again.”

– Larry and Barb Walker

I could not believe it when Scott sold my house in 1 day. My past experiences with Realtors had not prepared me for Scott’s way of thinking. His team was wonderful!”

– Helen E. Ware

How do I say “Thank You” to such a professional team? My house sold in 10 days and Scott and his team were always available when I had questions or concerns. I was very nervous and they always had time to explain the solution and make me feel OK. Thanks to a great team. Thanks for putting up with me.”

– Phylis Drake

We were very pleased with the Rodgers Real Estate Group. Scott sold our home in 4 days! We will definitely use them again and refer friends & family to them in the future.”

– Julie and Nick Fawcett

Scott sold our house within 48 hours! We were so happy with the service that we received and their communication with us was excellent.”

– Aaron & Niki Oertle

I was EXTREMELY pleased with the methods utilized by Scott to market my home. The coverage was outstanding, the communication effective and timely, and there was never an occasion when my calls were not returned almost instantly. Thanks, Scott, for everything.”

– Carolyn Wolf

I sold my house in less than one day for higher than asking price. The Rodgers Real Estate Group will go out of their way to get it done.”

– Shawn Allred

Scott and his team were very professional and fair on how they treated Deb and I in the sell of our home. What can you say about someone that sells your home in less than 24 hours? I would highly recommend the Rodgers Real Estate Group.”

– Stan Matheny

After 2 years of trying to sell our house, Scott sold it in 5 days! Remarkable! Everything went very smoothly and Scott and his team stayed in touch with us constantly. They eased my stress and worries! I would highly recommend the Rodgers Real Estate Group!”

– Lorene Mayer

I just can not express how much I appreciate all that the Scott Rodgers Team has done for me. I have been in customer service for 25 years, and it really takes a lot to surprise me, but they did. I will always and I repeat, always let everyone know the help and assistance you gave me. I could not have asked for better people to work with. You went above and beyond in doing your jobs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless!”

– Diana Kelly

Scott did a great job advertising our house, and sold it really fast. Additionally, his team helped us find the perfect house. Thank you so much!”

– Angela & Chad Garlock

I was very pleased with how quick you sold our house.”

– Bill & Elaine Stroup

The Rodgers Real Estate Group does fantastic work. My house was sold in just 9 days! The whole process was very easy and pain free. We highly recommend this professional and effective team!”

– Brett & Kari Gosteli

We were concerned that our home would not sell, however, Scott proved us wrong. The 1st week it was listed, we received an offer!”

– Frances & Socorro Paguirigan

Scott was very concerned about our needs to sell our home. He always called to ask if we had any questions and kept us informed of the progress.”

– Ronald & Elaine Row

Scott responded very quickly to our needs and provided us with sound advice. Actions taken resulted in a sale within 30 days! Thanks Scott!”

– Mark & Julie DuBois

Scott and his team take real estate to the next level. They strive to do what no other Realtors in the area are willing to do. The continued communication during the sales process was outstanding.”

– Mike & Tiffany Higgins

Could not be happier. Sold within one day at almost full price that’s almost perfection. Thanks!”

– E.R. Williams

Scott is very thorough in his marketing approach in his advertising in newspapers, Homes Guide and web sites. His communication keeps one constantly apprised of progress and results of showings.”

– C.L. & Carol Pollow

I love your follow up. You keep the seller on their toes. My house sold the first week. That speaks volumes.”

– Patricia Walker

The Rodgers Real Estate Group got results for me (an offer) within a few weeks. My previous Realtor did not get any results in six months.”

– Barbara Poindexter

Scott and his team were very professional, friendly and efficient. We have worked with several different Realtors throughout the years and my husband and I agree that Scott has been the best. Thanks so much for helping sell our home!”

– Julie & Donny Walker

We asked Scott to list our house because we needed a quick sale. He delivered! We sold the property in just one day.

– Greg & Cindy Dietz

We couldn’t be happier. We sold our house in less than a month! Scott and his team are fantastic!

– Amy & Tony Matheny

Scott and his staff provide an exceptional service. It is by far the best experience I have had with selling homes. They have earned my loyalty and I would recommend his team to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.”

– Susan Tanner

The Rodgers Real Estate Group sold our house in 5 days after we purchased another through them. That should be testimonial enough but then we would not be giving credit to those behind the scenes that provided incredible service after the sale. The Rodgers Real Estate Group is fantastic. Every single member is approachable and available to assist you in any way they can. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.”

– Anthony & Terra Williams

We were nothing less than shocked with how quickly Scott sold our home!”

– Shane White & Ambra Haake

My husband and I couldn’t be happier with Scott and his team of professionals! Every detail was covered and every question was answered! Thank you! We are very happy in our new home!”

– Renee & Jodie Trammell

The Rodgers Real Estate Group was great start to finish! We hired two other Realtors before Scott and they just wasted our time!”

– William McDonald

Scott seemed to know the market very well and knew the right listing price for our home. This led to a good offer and Danya did a wonderful job working through all the issues that came up until closing.”

– Dr. Matt & Diane McMillin

The Rodgers Real Estate Group is very good at working together from the seller’s perspective. Communication is key these days and we always felt aware of each detail as it was taken care of.”

– Doug & Janet Bartels

Your team approach is great. You finalized the sales contract, and then let your closing coordinator take care of the closing issues, which allows you to focus on more sales.”

– Todd Sage

True pro, great team, 5 days on the market and sold with us living in a different state. We had a great experience.”

– Ed Simon

I am pleased with the sale of my home. I honestly did not believe my home would sell as quickly as it did! The Scott Rodgers Team is extremely knowledgeable and professional.”

– Sarah Turner

We were so impressed at how professional and enthusiastic Scott and his team are! We were even more impressed when our house sold in 13 days!”

– Nick & Rachel Hausam

Scott and his team made selling our house a very pleasant experience. No surprises, very personable, always a phone call away about any questions or concerns that we had. Even after buying our new house 2 months ago, they are still just a phone call away. Their dedication did not stop after the transactions were completed.”

– John & Julie Ingles

Scott and his sales team did an excellent job representing us on the sale of our home. Scott always kept in contact with us either by phone or email with updates and feedback. We appreciated Scott’s professionalism, reliability, marketing approach, and above all, his friendliness. We would recommend Scott to any prospective sellers. Many Thanks.”

– Greg & Mary Milam

The Rodgers Real Estate Group was great! Very easy to work with! From listing and selling our home in 6 weeks to buying our new house it was all a great experience! Thank you.”

– Kevin & Teresa Oswald

The Rodgers Real Estate Group honored their commitments and held true to their representations. They are an honest firm with high integrity.”

– David & Cindy Daxenbichler

We listed two houses with the Rodgers Real Estate Group. Both were sold within 10 days of listing!!! I’ve bought or sold at least 8 houses. Scott and his team were by far the best!”

– Don and Michele Lovse

We listed our house with another company for 4 months with no response at all. Scott listed and sold our home for FULL PRICE in less than 30 days. In that time, we had more contact and input from him than our other Realtor gave us in 4 months.”

– Frank Stetler

We are very pleased that Scott and his team were able to get our house sold within 90 days during such a difficult housing market”.

– Andrew & Miriam Sims

Service was outstanding and Scott Rodgers Team is the best!”

– Ryan & Kim Stafford

It was a pleasure dealing with the Rodgers Real Estate Group. They made the process of buying & selling our home very easy and stress free.”

– Mike & Debby Wood

The Rodgers Real Estate Group did a great job selling our home. I would recommend them to everyone. Thanks Scott!”

– Gerald & Marlene Riedlinger

All of my questions were answered in a timely manner and you & your entire staff was qualified to assist in any and all needs that I had.”

– Jodell Jarman

Smooth, hassle-free selling experience, thank you!”

– Justin Pahl

Scott Rodgers and his team have been very helpful during the selling of my home. Any questions I had were answered quickly and to the point! Thanks.”

– Lisa M. Rennau

The Rodgers Real Estate Group is great! They were available anytime I had a question. Extremely helpful, pleasant and on top of things! Thank you so much!!”

– Erica & Ryan Fanning

Scott promised our house would sell within 90 days of listing even in a tough economy and he came through. We would recommend Scott to friends and family who were in the buying or selling market.”

-Teri & Bud Towne

Scott is very top-notch. We’ve not yet closed and have already made a number of referrals to Scott. He is excellent at marketing and he is very supportive with the details in selling a property. Our property sold in 4 days.”

-Ted & Lisa Rogers

The Rodgers Real Estate Group is amazing. They sold my house in one week for asking price! They were very polite and professional and kept in contact with us throughout the entire process. They literally handled everything for us and all we had to do was sign the paperwork. It was the smoothest business transaction I’ve ever had. The Rodgers Real Estate Group made selling my home a very pleasant experience.”

– Diana Murphy

Scott, you sold what I thought was unsellable. My house was on the market for over a year, before I put it in your hands. You showed me you are the best! I can’t say thanks enough!”

-Ty, Stephanie and Gullett family

A lot of nitty gritty details I was so glad I did not have to attend to! Thank You!!!!!”

– Dennis and Lisa Simmons

Thanks for selling my home, for always keeping me updated as to how things were going and explaining and answering all my concerns. You were great – good to know you.”

– Clara Rieger

We were transferred to Rockford, IL and were concerned it would take awhile for our house to sell. The Rodgers Real Estate Group sold our house in a week! Danya went above and beyond to get us the paperwork we needed to buy our next house.”

– James and Michelle Kirby

We had our house for sale with another Realtor for 5 months last year with no results. We decided to try Scott and he took the time to help us get out house ready to sell and it sold within 8 days! Danya was great to work with on our closing!”

– Christy and Don Hidden

We were with another real estate agency for 1 year and didn’t sell our home. We switched to Scott’s guaranteed sell program, and he sold our home within 2 months. Scott’s team also pulled this off right in the middle of a national economic crisis. Way to go Rodgers Real Estate Group!”

– Justin and Gina Jeffries

We entered into the market in a difficult time, but Scott kept us optimistic. The most impressive was the communication. We knew where and when the ads would be placed. We also knew what the ad would look like. Someone on the team always checked in with us. We really liked the survey after the showing too. We would recommend Scott to anyone buying or selling.”

-Tim & Barb Staggs

Everyone on the Rodgers Real Estate Group is wonderful to work with. They are patient with you and very helpful with any questions you have. We would recommend them to anyone!”

– Chad and Alison Jones

We had friends that were skeptical of our being able to sell our home, we told them we weren’t worried because we had a good Realtor. Home was shown within 24 hrs of being listed and sold within 3 weeks.”

– Amy and Daryl Barth

I would highly recommend using the Rodgers Real Estate Group. The selling and purchase of our homes went very smoothly!”

– Gerald & Stephanie Wolfe

My home sold within 8 hours! Be ready to move quickly!”

– Ben Oetzel

The Rodgers Real Estate Group did an excellent job of keeping us informed of what was being done to sell the property.”

– Roger VanZanbergen

The Rodgers Real Estate Group did an amazing job for us. They sold our house in just one week and helped us find the perfect home for our family.”

– Brian & Cheryl Silotto

The Rodgers Real Estate Group did an outstanding job promoting and selling our home. I would strongly recommend anyone buying or selling a home to contact the Rodgers Real Estate Group.”

– Jim and Jan Corpus

I really appreciated the extra effort the Rodgers Real Estate Group put into making sure all the details of selling my home were taken care. They were very attentive to my needs and did a great job. I would and have referred my closest friends to them.”

– Mikala Brinkman

What can we say, Scott’s team sold out house in 9 days! Someone from his team was in constant communication with us and even recommended an electrician to handle repairs from the inspection report. Everyone was very professional!

– Jason and Holly Koch

Scott and his Team – were more than great. I could not have been happier with their service. The sale of my home went through very smoothly. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to my family and friends.”

– Jane Ryan

The Rodgers Real Estate Group was great to work with, they answered all my questions and helped me and my family move to our new home with no problems, they made it a very smooth transition.”

-Tonya Alexander

The Rodgers Real Estate Group sold my house in less time that I could have ever imagined. It was completely pain free – everyone should consider the Rodgers Real Estate Group first and foremost. Thank you all.”

– Laura Inskeep

All I can say is your team went way above my expectations, I am so grateful. Your team gave it 200% working on the sale of my home. Scott, you and your team are a fantastic group! Thanks so much for everything.”

– Carmella Beckwith

The Rodgers Real Estate Group sold our home in just 3 weeks! Very happy with performance – great marketing of our home.”

– Brian and Jennifer Littrel

Scott (and his team) were awesome. We were so nervous about selling our house, but Scott and his team made us comfortable every step of the way. He explains the process and is always there to answer questions and address concerns. He stands by his word. I will recommend him to all my friends and family. Thanks Rodgers Real Estate Group!”

– Brad and Cindy Gunther

Couldn’t ask for a better Realtor and support team! One of a kind!”

– Esther Tyler

After an emotionally exhausting listing with another company (where we had one showing in 30 days) we called Scott. The whole team was so responsive and professional and we had two showings on the first day! What a relief to have two offers by day 31!”

– Dave & Julie Reams

I liked the way you and your staff kept in contact with me.”

– Dixie Voijta

Scott Rodgers has a great team working with him. Our house sold 11 days after we put our house on the market with the Rodgers Real Estate Group. Scott Rodgers was our first and only choice. Thanks Rodgers Real Estate Group.”

– Jon & Christy Mooney

It was quick and easy. Worry free real estate! Did a great job and got it done before winter. Thank you very much.”

– Mike Carroll

We felt Scott priced our home properly and we loved the automatic feedback system which we checked on a daily basis. The home was SOLD in 9 DAYS on the market. Nice Job!”

-Theresa and Tom Washkowiak

From the first contact to list my home, until the day my home sold—I was treated in a very professional manner. Updates were weekly, and sometimes more than weekly. The total process made an anxious situation a very comfortable experience. Thanks to each of you who work so hard—and God’s blessings.”

– Carolynsue Wolf

The Rodgers Real Estate Group was great! They sold our home in 2 weeks! We decided to test the market, next thing we knew, we had an offer.”

– Heather & Greg Kypta

The Rodgers Real Estate Group was polite, organized and very fast. We will use their services again in the future.”

– Sam Berkes and Brooke Nelson

I have dealt with other Realtors but have never received services quite like yours! Your team is very much on point with their job assignments. You are dedicated to your job and it shows. I work for a large company and I have spread the word for those who are currently buying and selling homes. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Take care.”

– Ebony Lobdell

You sold our home and an adjacent lot in a most depressed market. You offered advice and sound consult in the selling process.”

– Gary and Barbara Wendelin

Scott and his team truly went above and beyond to sell our home. They were great to work with, and we would definitely use their services again.”

– Andrew and Katie Radovich

We have dealt with many real estate brokers over the years and you (all of your group) have been the most polite, informative, and conscientious group with whom we’ve had the pleasure of dealing. Thanks for all your help.”

– Jerry & Norma Winberry

Scott and his team exceeded our expectations by selling our home within 24 hours of the list. We were impressed by his commitment and accountability to “doing what he says will be done.”

– Lisa & Dan Dodson

I don’t know how we would have got through this without your help. I feel that you went above and beyond what I thought that a real estate company did. Thank you!!!”

– Barb and Dick Moore

I was very satisfied and impressed with all your services. I was very pleased you sold my property in 11 days. I would refer you and your team to anyone looking to sell a house. I appreciate all your help.”

– Jeff Rogers

Scott, your team was down right incredible. I have been through numerous real estate transactions in the past and none compare to the professionalism of your team. You should all give yourselves a pat on the back for a job very well done. Thank you all.”

– Ryan McMahon

The Rodgers Real Estate Group stuck with me even after starting with another Realtor. They were persistent in a tough market and took care of things for me even after I had moved. I would recommend the Rodgers Real Estate Group to any of my friends and colleagues.”

– Macey Bray

The Rodgers Real Estate Group was very forthcoming with answers to any questions we had. They were always interested in working for our best interest. We were pleased with all they did to assure the sale of our property.”

– Clint & Chris Davis

During these tough economic times, your commitment to the real estate market is amazing. I have never heard of another team that is so thorough and professional. Thank you for a job that is well done.”

– Darlene Bayne

We thought the Rodgers Real Estate Group was very professional, courteous and felt that our home was marketed very well.”

– Thad & Heidi Chaney

After having no luck with another agent, Scott and his team brought us two offers within two weeks of listing.”

– Mark & Jeannie Sweazy

We enjoyed working with Scott Rodgers Team, they were very professional and kept us informed every step of the way.

– Gordon & Karen Presley

I love the team approach of this office. From beginning to end, everyone I met with or spoke to was courteous, helpful and very good with communicating and keeping me up to date.”

– Phillip Haworth

The Rodgers Real Estate Group sold our house in less than ten days, at the full asking price. The team’s marketing efforts got our house out on the market in a highly visible way. I cannot recommend the team enough! Thanks for everything!”

– Mark & Katie Hensley

Considering the market and type of house, we couldn’t ask for much more.”

– Ned & Dea Eshelman

Great Team! I was pleasantly surprised how fast my home sold. Your marketing works wonderfully. I have nothing but good to say about the Rodgers Real Estate Group. My first impression with Jack was great. As soon as he was done on our 1st meeting, my decision was made to use your team. Phone conversations with Cindy were pleasant and the closing was handled stress free!”

– Phil Jordan

Love my ‘team’—Jack, Cindy & Danya—you’re the best! They always made me feel like I was their only client.”

– Sherry Klute

Our house was sold within one week—very impressive!

Karen & Danya were great!”

– Aaron & Niki Oertle

I was very happy with everyone on the Rodgers Real Estate Group. We were trying to sell our house quickly because we had purchased another one. We had listed with another agent previously and even during this tough market, The Rodgers Real Estate Group was able to sell our house in 4 months. I would definitely recommend them to anyone trying to sell a house. Also, the use of the moving truck is a great bonus!”

– Shannon Kult

“There are two special people at the Rodgers Real Estate Group that I would like to recognize for their superior service, kindness and availability. Jack Duvall and Danya Petty are the best! They made a home sale—that had many issues involved in it—a success. Without their patience and experience, our home sale would not have occurred as smoothly as they made it. They both went way above and beyond to help me out in so many ways and I have used their names often when referring a few people who have asked questions about our sale.

– Mike & Angie Dobbs

Great service, love the updates each week on the progress/marketing of our home. We really felt as though we received individualized attention. Thank you!

– Don & Julie Walker

You have good people and you are well organized”

– Warren Reynolds

Scott was very informative & easy to work with. He is very flexible & did everything he said he would do. His marketing drew many people through the house.”

– Laveta Hagan

Jack & Karen were great to work with. Loved the stager services & use of the free truck. Appreciated the team’s impact.

– Phil & Amy George

The Rodgers Real Estate Group was very professional in the successful sale of our property. They kept us well informed and called weekly to see if we had any questions or concern. A job well done by everyone.”

– Harry & Naomi Flynn

The Rodgers Real Estate Group handled both the sale of our old house and the purchase of our new home—the individualized service and attention to detail simplified our transactions. They are true professionals.

– Bill & Deb Beach

Great communication, no surprises and we closed on time without any hiccups. Everything you need for a pleasant experience!

– Joe & Laura Baumgardner

Scott & his team are incredible! I had previously listed my house with another agent & not even one offer in 6 months. So I met with Scott and signed with him & his team to sell my house. Scott is very professional and has an unbeatable marketing plan. Plus his pictures on the listing really highlighted my property. In 3 weeks after listing with him I had an offer! Amazing! I wish I would have went with him from the beginning. Danya, the closing coordinator, walked me through all of the closing details seamlessly. She as well was very professional and a joy to work with! Don’t hesitate at all to have Scott & his team take care of your real estate needs! I can’t thank them enough!!!”

– Jill Krum

Scott’s marketing techniques allowed my parent’s home to be sold in less than 3 weeks! This is the second time we’ve used Scott’s services and we will use him again.”

– Joe & Sharon Sary

Everything was made clear & easy. Nothing hidden, all questions were answered very honestly. I was impressed. Thank you.”

– Randy Keith

Scott and his team are very friendly and helpful. I would and will recommend this team to all my friends!”

– Bryan & Deya Hanney

We were very pleased with the advertising strategy that Scott used. We had many people coming to look at the house. We were also very pleased with the staging & improvement recommendations he made to make the house more sellable.”

– John & Tracy Jackson

What we expected to be a long process, actually only took 6 days to sell our property. We were really happy with Scott’s attention to detail.

– Rex Moore

Scott delivers with great communication!”

– Tim and Maria Cummings

Even in a slower market, our house sold in 3 months. The advertising and communication was great, and we really appreciated the closing coordinator, she really goes the extra mile and keeps you calm and informed.”

– Gary & Jill Webster

Scott did a marvelous job selling our house. We will proudly refer family and friends to him. The Rodgers Real Estate Group is #1 in our book!

-Tim & Susan Koller

Thank you for doing an outstanding job with selling my home in such a horrific market. When others failed, you succeeded!

– Penny Perkins

Great communication and very friendly staff.”

-James & Tonya Boyd

The Rodgers Real Estate Group were wonderful, they kept me informed! I didn’t have to wonder what was going on, they included me in all decisions.”

– Florence Isbell

Your team was professional, organized and prompt to respond to our questions. Thanks so much for all your help. We have told all our friends about your services!”

– Jack & Virginia Warren

I have used other Realtors in the past on the same home and had no results until you came along.”

– George Harris

We really appreciated the feedback we received from the showings. You did a great job of keeping us informed! I always felt like she would call me as soon as she had any new information, so we never had to wonder what was going on. We also really were grateful for the use of the moving truck! That made our move a little easier.”

– Mike & Teresa Lutz

Traffic increased significantly from our other Realtor”

-Randy & Kris Howard

I was impressed by the Rodgers Real Estate Group throughout the process”

-Chris Cox

We have no complaints—our house sold in less than 3 weeks! Everyone we worked with was professional, and we were kept “in the loop” every step of the way.

-Brendan & Lindsay O’Rourke

Having bought & sold several properties over the years, we know from experience that Scott & his staff are more thorough & attentive than any other Realtor—from start to finish. The thing we liked most about the Rodgers Real Estate Group was not only their aggressive advertising but also their diligence at staying in contact with us and keeping us posted on our listing. Thanks so much all of you!

-Andrew & Sara Verkler

The Rodgers Real Estate Group is very knowledgeable and helpful. We should have listed our house with him in the first place. We would have moved a long time ago. Very happy with the team!”

-Brandon & Mary Hammel

Lin and I want to thank you again for your real estate services during the sale of our house in Peoria. After the original buyer backed out of the purchase agreement within a week of the scheduled closing, you did what you said you would, and purchased our property under your guaranteed sale program. We were amazed how you were able to step up in a short period of time and close on the property. We appreciate your professionalism and honesty throughout the entire process.”

-Ralph Bailey

The efforts by your team to keep me informed of events regarding the sale were excellent. That little effort makes a huge difference to the overall service.”

-Garry Moore

Pro active marketing—Fabulous! In contact every step of the way. Knowledgeable & accepting of my personal decisions.”

-Mike & Colleen Minnes

In a very difficult market your team priced the property fairly, advertised heavily, kept in contact at least once a week and most importantly, did a great job of negotiating when an offer was finally made. I really appreciate the professionalism of your team. A hearty thank you to you.”

-Dave Hostetler

Our house sold quickly even in a buyer’s market. The use of the moving truck is a nice bonus!”

-Mike & Janel Janes

Scott and his team were outstanding! So informative & prompt. I will never use anyone else & will recommend him to everyone.”

-Diane Kelly

Thank you for working so hard in a down economy and being patient with us”

-Richard & Christine Schrepfer

I appreciate the professionalism of the Rodgers Real Estate Group. I especially like the communications—either by phone, email or written to keep us updated each week on the progress of selling the house. I will certainly recommend Scott Rodgers to family and friends who may be selling or buying a home.”

-Jackie Voorhees

Your team did a great job, you gave us good referrals regarding inspections, electricians and everything went smoothly. You kept in touch with us when changes needed to be made and if needed you worked around our schedule. We appreciated your honesty and flexibility.”

-Shawn & Adriana Bryan

More than anything, know that we are thankful. This was truly a difficult time in our lives, and you were helpful and meaningful in making things different. We feel blessed! Blessed by your kindness!”

-Randy & Pamela Heinsch

I thought Scott’s team did an excellent job. Scott always did what he said he would, and his team always seemed to be “on the ball” with the details. Additionally appreciated Scott’s research to get the answers I needed.”

-Brian Johnson

We had a great experience with the Rodgers Real Estate Group. After months without one showing with a different Realtor we contacted Scott and started getting showings immediately. Scott’s marketing is outstanding. House was sold within 90 days!!”

-Brian & Megan Swank

Scott’s guarantee enabled us to move on to our next house with confidence—very professional!”

-David & Lori Miller

Scott and his team were awesome. They sold our home in 10 days. I would recommend them to anyone. “

-Jerry & Marlene Riedlinger

I feel you all listened to me as to what we wanted and you and your staff were always accessible to me & helped us to achieve our goal in a timely manner. We received much more help & direction than from our previous Realtor.”

-Karen Hoskins

Cheryl was extremely helpful & went above & beyond. Jack’s suggestions on what we should do were great. Their coaching & direction were excellent. Would not have wanted to do this without them. Their expertise was invaluable!”

-Don & Marilyn Crossland

Once we switched to the Rodgers Real Estate Group, our home sold quickly with little complications. Thanks!”

-Jeremy & Bridgette Ball

Third time was a charm. After trying to sell my home with two other realtors, I hired Scott Rodgers who was able to get the job done.”

-Roger Emanuel

We never anticipated such in depth, detail service from every member of Scott’s team, from our agent to the closing specialist, they answered every question promptly, accurately and did everything they could to make the sale. Your team has been there for both our home purchase and subsequent sale, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Your professionalism and top notch service are second to none. Thank you! for all you’ve done for us.”

-Morgan & Kristy Raines

The Rodgers Real Estate Group was very helpful. Everyone was easy to work with and we got answers right away. They sold my house in 9 days!! Wonderful!”

-Renee Teuerle

The change from our initial Realtor to Scott Rodgers was the primary reason for our quick sell.”

-David & Lois Greer

From the first meeting with Jack Duvall until we picked up the check everything was done professionally and in a very efficient way which turned out to be very effective. The house sold in about 3-4 weeks.”

-James & Judy Graham

We were referred to the Rodgers Real Estate Group by the Wolfer’s family. They were very pleased & you sold their house in 12 days. So we called and to our amazement & shock—you sold our house in less than 4 days. The team was very nice & helpful. We really appreciated the ease of the sell & the closing of our home. A true heartfelt “THANK YOU” to all! We will definitely tell all about ya’ll & already have! Expect a call from some friends soon for your expertise & delightful team members to sell their homes as well! We will also be calling again in the future. We will tell all we know & then some about you all! We have never worked with a better realtor & group before this & we will pass it on to everyone. Thank you again & bless you all! P.S. Thank you for the moving van as well. It is a wonderful asset. We truly appreciate the help & understanding. You “ALL” are wonderful! We are very pleased! P.S.S. Thank you also for the email about rates on new home sales. Keep us posted. We will be talking again real soon.

-Cindy & Sidney Lewis

The Rodgers Real Estate Group delivered on their promise to sell our house quickly. Thanks to everyone on the team for the group effort to fulfill our family dream!”

-Jenni & Mike Behrll

The Rodgers Real Estate Group did a great job in selling my rental house—even in a down market when other Realtors could not sell it.”

-Ryder Church

The Rodgers Real Estate Group was amazing. We feel they did a great job advertising our home and staying on top of things. We like that they kept us informed often and Scott personally went above & beyond for us.”

-Chad & Charlotte Duke

We enjoyed working with the Rodgers Real Estate Group from the first visit to look at our home through our closing. They did a great job with the pictures and presentation of our home online. Ultimately they did sell our home in a tough market.”

-Jon & Jennifer Anders

Closing was quick. Everyone worked in a very professional manner.”

-Kim Edmiston

We love the Rodgers Group! They sold our house in 10 days! Being a mom of two little kids, it’s tough to keep your house “show” ready. But when you only have to do it for 10 days, it’s a breeze!”

-Will & Holly Kellenberger

The Rodgers Real Estate Group did a great job for us. Once we chose them, they got the ball rolling very quickly (which is important when you are anxious to sell!). We had our house listed for sale by owner for months then the Rodgers Real Estate Group sold it in weeks!”

-Chase & Jaclyn Riber

Services provided were consistent from the phone callings to the showings. Definitely exceeded my expectations.”

-Henry Cherry

The Rodgers Real Estate Group did an excellent job of explaining the process and giving us realistic expectations. The stagers made reasonable suggestions and made the remodel so easy by giving us details down to color of paint and carpet. The viewer feedback was essential to figure out how to get it sold, and the closing coordinator caught every detail that could have been problems at closing. Great job!”

-David & Kathy Robb

I cannot say enough about my experience with the Rodgers Real Estate Group. As far as I am concerned they went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you very much for everything.”

-Carolyn Crowe

Our house sold within thirty days, which was a blessing. Some people try to sell their house for us 2 years. We were glad you sold ours as quick as you did. Thanks.

-Jim & Shirley Rule

What impressed us about the Rodgers Real Estate Group was the constant communication, honesty and level of respect they have for the clients. I will continue to recommend their services to family and friends. Thanks again everyone!”

-Michael & Natalie McClanahan

It was a great pleasure working with the Rodgers Real Estate Group. We had already had one Realtor who didn’t get the job done. They suggested things to help our house sell and they worked.

-Mark Knirk

The Rodgers Real Estate Group was professional, friendly, organized and thorough. The use of the moving truck was an added bonus and greatly appreciated! Thank you for the smooth process!”

-LeeAnn Burks

My house had been on the market for over a year with another Realtor. I hired the Rodgers Real Estate Group and the house sold in two weeks. Very impressive.”

-Kevin Lawrence

Great service—no comparison.”

-Lori Dvizac

I was extremely happy with the Rodgers Real Estate Group. I was out of state when I sold my home and it was so easy and quick. Extra thanks to the closing coordinator, who kept everything on track!”

-Peni Long

I would recommend “The Rodgers Group” to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a house. The enthusiasm and professionalism was beyond all expectations. At a time when we were trying to deal with the death of a parent and sell their home, “The Rodgers Group” fit like a “glove” with their compassion and helpfulness during the sale and closing. Thanks for all of your help!!”

-Sharon Hatcher

The Rodgers Real Estate Group upheld their promise of consistent, timely and helpful communications. The added home staging services made a big difference in preparing our home for a prompt sale. Thank you!!”

-Matt & Becky Taylor

We had a successful and good experience with the Rodgers Real Estate Group. They were helpful in getting our house prepared for the market and established a good working relationship throughout the listing period. Not only did they sell our home in less than a week but they answered all our questions about the closing process and made selling less stressful. Without a doubt, we will be returning to the Rodgers Group when we decide to sell our new house. The experience exceeded my high expectations.”

-Rob & Jamie Martin

I had previously listed my home with another company for six months and we got nothing. The Rodgers Real Estate Group sold it in three days! The Team is great and I felt I could call any one of them at any time if I had a question. Thank you so much!”

-Chelsea Hoffman

The entire Rodgers Group made the experience of selling our home (in 20 days!) practically painless. Thank you again!

-Tim & Lisa Roder

Great service and very helpful. Very good exposure with our house while selling it. They are in the paper, internet and Homes Guides. Couldn’t get that exposure with our first agent so that’s why we went with the Rodgers Real Estate Group.”

-Dustin & Tiffany Northrup

We have used the Rodgers Real Estate Group twice and each time was a success. We sold our homes in a short amount of time and found new homes that were perfect.”

-Chad & Angela Garlock

Very pleased with the professionalism, excellent pricing advice and great follow up. Great feedback and quick sale. Every part of the team did it right. We were very pleased.”

-Robert Swanson

Very professional, effective and efficient staff! Well organized!!!”

-Eric Oller

The Rodgers Real Estate Group did an excellent job marketing and selling our home! We worked with another Realtor for six months and only had three showings. With Scott’s aggressive marketing plan we had over twenty showings and our home was sold three months later! We will recommend The Rodgers Group to our family and friends. They did an excellent job!”

-Ryan & Miranda Bowald

We were really happy with how quickly our home was sold and would definitely use The Rodgers Real Estate Group again to sell a home.”

-Jim & Alisha Russell

The Rodgers Real Estate Group worked together very well. Everyone on the team was always there for us making sure that we were updated on what was going on with everything involving the sale of our home. The staging help was an asset as well. Thanks to all of you for a job well done.”

-Dan & Arlene Parr

The Rodgers Real Estate Group found a buyer for my home in less than a week. They whole team was great and really helped us out, especially during closing. Having the moving truck was a nice bonus too, it really helped us out!”

-Kevin Hoffman

This is the third time we had been fortunate enough to have used the Rodgers Real Estate Group and each time they have went above and beyond to help us! We have bragged to all of our friends and family how great the Team is. We will never go anywhere else. Thanks again to all at the Rodgers Real Estate Group!”

-James & Jill Howell

I was more than fully satisfied with all aspects of the process and would recommend The Rodgers Real Estate Group to anyone. They are a great group of professional people.”

-James Denton

This is my second transaction with The Rodgers Real Estate Group. There will be more. I’ve had experiences with many Realtors and you are very professional and I’ve been quite pleased.”

-Bob Swanson

This is the second time I have used The Rodgers Real Estate Group. Both times they came through with results and I will not hesitate to use them again or recommend them to a family member.”

-Randy & Dani Juskiv

Thank you for your expertise in marketing my house. Considering the Peoria market, it was a very fair offer. Your office Team was very supportive by long distance work and did a great job.”

-Diane Finan

The Rodgers Real Estate Group was great to work with. They were always friendly and listened to our concerns. If we ever move back to that area, we would definitely want The Rodgers Real Estate Group to represent us. Thank you!”

-Lil & Sam Hoskins

The Rodgers Real Estate Group is a very special team and we would highly recommend to anyone needing an agent. They clearly know Real Estate and impress us from start to finish. We never expected to be one of the “miracle” testimonials, particularly at the time of year we re-listed. However for almost 6 months we unsuccessfully had our house on the market with another agent and within 5 days of listing with the Rodgers Real Estate Group, we had three showings and an offer. What a great team!”

-Derek & Sarah Dunnagan

To the entire Rodgers Real Estate Group: my wife and I want to express our appreciation for your efforts in selling our home and purchasing a new one. Thank you for your patience, understanding, diligence, care and concern. We are sitting in the sunroom of our new home reflecting on the past months and how what was starting to seem would never happen—happened so quickly in the end! We are grateful for the role each of you played in our transaction and know that we hold you all in the highest regard!”

-Ben & Lexy Ginzel

Our home is in school district 150. A lot of people have moved out of that area. Scott advised us on improvements to make without putting too much money in the property. Our house sold in less than one month. That says a lot!”

-Ralph & Sunny Bollinger

Everyone that we worked with at The Rodgers Real Estate Group was very professional and went above and beyond the call of duty.”

-Ken & Melanie Carpenter

The Rodgers Real Estate Group was very efficient, polite and helpful! I am totally satisfied with the entire team!”

-James Reames

We were very impressed with the Rodgers Real Estate Group. From the start to the end it was well organized and we assure you that we will refer you to our friends and family.”

-Glory Hoopes

The Rodgers Real Estate Group is a PERFECTLY well-oiled machine with the personal touch!!!”

-David Litman

Our house sold in only two days! After following the recommendations in the staging report, even we were impressed by the way our house looked in person and in the online pictures! We never imagined our house would sell so quickly!”

-Justin & Ruth Cody

The Rodgers Real Estate Group was very responsive and kept communication open throughout the selling process.”

-Denise Moore

We have already referred The Rodgers Real Estate Group to quite a few people. We were impressed with the number of showings each week! The Rodgers Real Estate Group was very professional and a pleasure to work with!”

-Joe & Jennifer Grant

We can’t compliment The Rodgers Real Estate Group enough. They have sold four houses for us in a very timely manner. We know we can depend on them and would recommend them to anyone who is buying or selling a home. Thank you so much for making it an enjoyable process and all of your assistance through the whole sale and purchase.”

-Jerry & Marlene Riedlinger

Great Team! Very efficient—our house sold within two weeks of being on the market! Thanks, Rodgers Real Estate Group!”

-Wesley Schott & Jessica Mol

We were selling our home in Peoria while living hours away near St. Louis. The Rodgers Real Estate Group worked with us and made every effort to make this process as easy as possible. Thanks for everything! You all were great!”

-Jeff & Karen Detering

Our experience with The Rodgers Real Estate Group was as smooth as possible. The entire team was attentive, quick to respond and made the transition to a new home easy!”

-Eric & Meg Marshall

We appreciated that The Rodgers Real Estate Group was so thorough—from the details of staging and pictures to giving us a detailed list of expected closing costs and other details. Thanks!”

-Jeff & Christine Caris

Everything went as planned. The Rodgers Real Estate Group was very professional and helpful.”

-Ed Olehy

The Rodgers Real Estate Group did a wonderful job selling my home. The girls in the office were great to work with. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

-Anne Smith

The Rodgers Real Estate Group is smart about staging and marketing your home and giving sellers feedback after house showings. The team went above and beyond to check on our house when we were out of town. We sold our house in under a week!”

-Ben & Melissa Aga

The Rodgers Real Estate Group sold our home in five days! They also found the perfect new home for our family. Thank you!”

-Luis & Sara Martinez

We had our house for sale for three months and nothing happened. We then listed with The Rodgers Real Estate Group and sold it in eleven hours! This group is amazing and wonderful!”

-Chris & Amie Cassidy

The Rodgers Real Estate Group is the BEST! They made the whole selling/buying experience go flawlessly. They truly care about their customers. What could’ve been a highly stressful transition for me was simplified because of their excellent customer service and knowledge.”

-Lisa K. Casey

We were very pleased from start to finish. Excellent communication at all times. Valuable assistance in getting home ready to sell after two tries with a different company—almost immediate success with The Rodgers Real Estate Group. Be ready to move if you list with them…they are one serious selling machine. Thanks for all your help, we so appreciated it!”

-Dan & Annette Trowbridge

My experience was really good with The Rodgers Real Estate Group. I would definitely use them again! The team worked with me through a very difficult situation. Thank you!”

-Shawn Stanley

We appreciate the time and effort The Rodgers Real Estate Group put into selling our home. Thank you for the help.”

-Mike & Sara Yenor

My home sold in a few days with The Rodgers Real Estate Group. It can’t get any better results than that!”

-Randy Salmich

This move was the best of any of our previous moves. The selling of our house was done in a very professional, efficient and effective way. It was much more than just listing and then wait for a buyer. The Rodgers Real Estate Group explained and led us through the steps to prepare and market our home. The process not only works; it made true believers out of us. The Rodgers Real Estate Group is the best. We recommend them for everyone.”

-Jim & Sharon Taylor

My home was listed for almost a year with another agent. I was so frustrated that I almost gave up. After working with The Rodgers Real Estate Group I’ve realized that the agent makes all the difference. We had an accepted offer in less than a month! Thank you so much for everything!”

-Daren Carr

We were just blown away! In one month’s time, our house was sold! The Rodgers Real Estate Group is the greatest and we will recommend you to everyone we know! Thank you for such great service!!”

-Ellery & Gertrud Harvey

I had high expectations for your group, and you delivered, taking care of every detail. Thanks!”
– Anizka Brecheisen

I had my home listed with two other real estate agents, one for 120 days and the other for 180 days and neither could get my home sold. Scott and his team sold my home within five weeks and did a great job negotiating the sale price. OUTSTANDING! A++++ effort! In my opinion, the Rodgers Real Estate Group is the best in this area!
– Rick McDonald

Scott was attentive, always keeping us up to date with phone calls morning, noon & night!! His expertise was what we admired & listened to when decisions needed to be made. The absolute BEST!
We sing the praises of the Rodgers Real Estate Group to everyone we know! Truly were a blessing for us, with the selling of our house in 2 days! Keep up the GREAT work!
Jerry and Mary Thies