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Rodgers Real Estate Agency Serves Peoria Area

What happens when you have a top-ranked real estate agency on your side?

There’s a reason this real estate agency is ranked in the top 1% in the world. Rodgers Real Estate Group is a small group of real estate professionals that produce at a very high level. Everything we do as a team is designed to make your next purchase or sale a smooth, successful experience.

Our group operates as an actual team, with each player performing a particular task showcasing their expertise. In many agencies, one agent has to handle everything involved in a real estate transaction alone. Instead, we operate in our strengths and work together as a team, to provide the best possible outcome and real estate experience in the industry for both buyers and sellers.

We have a proven, repeatable system that gets our sellers’ homes sold FAST for the most amount of money possible. Our buyer’s agents know the area well and are experts at guiding you down the path to finding the home you’ve been dreaming of for your family.

What Makes this Real Estate Agency Different?

When you work with a single agent, you have one agent who handles EVERYTHING involved in buying or selling your home. Here is a partial list of all the tasks involved in the sale of a home:

  1. Generate leads.
  2. Go on the listing appointment.
  3. Price the home.
  4. Stage the home.
  5. List the property.
  6. Take photos.
  7. Enhance photos.
  8. Add property to many different websites.
  9. Make flyers.
  10. Deliver and install signs and lockboxes.
  11. Market the home.
  12. Answer the calls of interested buyers.
  13. Set and go on appointments with potential buyers.
  14. Negotiate contract.
  15. Complete all the paperwork required for closing.

At Rodgers Real Estate Group, we do things differently. We believe that our clients deserve the very best real estate experience of their life. To provide that kind of experience, we have an entire team of specialists, each doing their part, and doing it with excellence. On our team we have:

  • Four Buyers Agents
    These are licensed real estate agents who can work with buyers and sellers but on our team, they only work with buyers.
  • One Listing Agent
    Goes on all listing appointments, keeps in touch with sellers, prices homes, and negotiates contracts when we receive for the homes we have listed.
  • Closing Coordinator (licensed agent in the office all day)
    She handles all the details involved from the time there is an accepted offer until closing. Freed up from paperwork and administrative details, this keeps our agents focused on what they do best – selling houses.
  • Listing Coordinator
    All listing paperwork, pictures, and description are given to her once we list a property. She goes through a detailed checklist of tasks to complete once we list a property. This involves enhancing pictures, adding property to many websites, making flyers, and so much more.

  • Team Photographer and Courier
    Takes all photographs of sellers homes, runs errands when needed, and delivers and installs all signs and lockboxes on our listings.

Here’s how the process works with our real estate agency:

  • Scott generates leads for the agency and sets the listing appointment for Deanna.
  • Deanna goes on the appointment.
  • Deanna prices the home.
  • Our stager gives our sellers advice on how to prepare their home to sell.
  • Our photographer takes the pictures and puts out the signs.
  • Tammy processes the listing paperwork. She also puts the home on different websites. She also makes the flyers and sees to the myriad administrative tasks that go into listing a house.
  • Scott does all the marketing it takes to get the home sold.
  • If someone calls about the property, we have four buyer’s agents who are ready to take that call, so no leads drop through the cracks.
  • Once we get an accepted offer, Heather takes care of all the paperwork and calls that happen from the time an offer is accepted until the closing date.

Using this expert process, every client works with the entire team, rather than one individual trying too hard to do too many tasks. Our track record speaks for itself! The Rodgers Real Estate Group is in the top 1% of real estate agents and agencies in the world.

If you’re looking for the best purchase or sale of your life, call the real estate agency your friends and neighbors trust most in Peoria today! Put the Rodgers Real Estate Group to work for you!