Peoria IL Real Estate Market Update

Let’s take a year to date view (as of July 12, 2021) of the real estate market for all homes located in City of Peoria.

There have been an average of 330 homes for sale in 2021, which is 46.0% less than the 611 homes for sale in 2020 and 58.9% less than the 802 homes for sale in 2019.

1,172 homes have sold this year, which is 42.8% more than the 821 homes sold in 2020 and 49.7% more than the 783 homes sold in 2019.

The average sales price this year of $127,306 is 0.7% less than the 2020 average selling price of $128,232 and 5.6% more than the average sales price of $120,527 in 2019.

The average days that sold homes were on the market in 2021 is 49, which is 40.2% less than the 82 days on market in 2020 and 37.2% less than the 78 days on market in 2019.

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