Peoria County real estate included on list of most affordable areas

By Scott Rodgers | April 26, 2021


Peoria County real estate is on the list at #10 for the most affordable areas to buy a home.

New research from ATTOM Data Solutions found that nearly 4 in 10 US counties studied require no more than 28 percent of a buyer’s annualized weekly wages to purchase a median-priced home. These 10 markets are: Baltimore (12% of annualized weekly wages needed); Battle Creek, Michigan (13.6%); Davenport, Illinois (13.6%); Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (13.7%); Augusta, Georgia (14%); Montgomery County, Alabama (15.5%); Macon County, Illinois (15.7%); Trumbull County, Ohio (15.8%); Allen County, Ohio (16.2%); and Peoria County, Illinois (16.4%).

Written by Scott Rodgerson April 26, 2021