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The 3 reasons why almost 40% of homes in the Peoria area don't sell the first time they're on market

3 Reasons Why 40% Of Local Homes Don't Sell

Which one of these factors will prevent your home from selling?

The 5 most common mistakes that home sellers make

5 Most Common Mistakes That Home Sellers Make

These mistakes are costing thousands and preventing their homes from selling.

How to properly prepare your home for sale

How To Properly Prepare Your Home For Sale

Learn the secrets of making your home irresistible to potential buyers.

Learn the 3 step process to properly price your home

Learn The 3 Step Process To Properly Price Your Home

The 3 Step Process To Properly Price Your Home.

Should you buy first or sell first

Should You Buy First Or Sell First?

Avoid losing the home you really want, getting stuck with two homes or ending up homeless.

Should you sell your home "for sale by owner" or hire a realtor?

Sell "For Sale By Owner" Or Hire A Realtor?

Hiring an agent may not be right for every home seller. Learn the pro’s and cons.

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