Preparing to Sell Your Home

Updating home infrastructure before you sell

As a caveat to this section, begin with the following assumption as you read: Buyers make emotional decisions, not logical ones. That’s why it is important to put your repair and improvement dollars into “bright and shiny” improvements wherever possible, not those behind the walls or those that are not immediately, visually apparent. Often, sellers make the wrong improvements, spending more money than they should on items that do not provide sufficient ROI. At every step, ask yourselves, “Will the buyer notice this improvement?” If not, avoid it.

If you want to provide reassurance for “back of the wall” or infrastructure items, consider purchasing a home warranty and including it in the listing. Obtain coverage for yourself during the listing period and for the buyer for one calendar year. This should cost around $550 -- much cheaper than any of the repairs on this list.

Pricing Your Home to Sell