When selling your home, knowing how to price your home is the most important decision you will make. This process will help you set the proper asking price so you sell your home for the greatest amount of money, in the least amount of time. The 3-Step Process to Properly Price Your Home Step 1: […]

Pricing your home can be difficult. It’s normal for sellers to want more than market value, and when the data doesn’t match the desire, they rightly raise questions. Here are the most common. 1. Pricing your home based on an online estimate There are no online estimate pricing tools out there that have the capability […]

Why do some homes sell at or above asking price quickly, and other homes sit on the market for months, selling for far less (or worse, not at all)? In my experience, there are three primary reasons why almost 40 percent of homes listed for sale in the Peoria, IL leave the market without selling. […]